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Seth Zimmerman

  • Understanding the Economics of Education

    Yale SOM’s Seth Zimmerman uses the tools of economics to offer data-driven answers to real issues facing education students, parents, and schools.

    Seth Zimmerman
  • Real-Time Placement Odds Can Smooth the School Choice Process

    Some families going through the school placement process overestimate their chances of getting into their top choices, and fail to match at any school as a result. Warnings about the placement odds at top schools can dramatically reduce non-placements.

    Kindergarteners lined up on the first day of school
  • Century-Old Harvard Records Show How Social Connections Help the Elite

    A study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Seth Zimmerman, drawing on a trove of archival student records, suggests that membership in exclusive clubs propelled students from the top prep schools to higher incomes, while good grades did little to lift other students into the top-earning tier.

    A group portrait of students from 1930 in academic robes