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Seth Goldman

  • Seth Goldman on the Not-So-Sweet End of Honest Tea

    Seth Goldman called Coke’s decision to discontinue Honest Tea a “gut punch.” But the outcry from disappointed fans of the not-too-sweet drink have inspired him to return to tea.

    Seth Goldman
  • Opening Restaurants in a Pandemic

    Seth Goldman ’95, the co-founder of Honest Tea and chair of Beyond Meat, was opening PLNT Burger, a new chain of plant-based restaurants, as the global pandemic struck.

    An illustration of a plant-based burger
  • Can a Better Burger Make a Difference?

    Seth Goldman ’95 discusses his company’s effort to transform the way we eat protein.

    Can a Better Burger Make a Difference?
  • When Does Regulation Work?

    Regulation is often a contentious issue, but most agree that some is necessary and too much is harmful. How do you find the sweet spot? Yale Insights asked practitioners to talk about regulation that impacts their industries.