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Rodrigo Canales

  • Video: Police-Citizen Trust Is a Path out of the Crisis

    The murder of George Floyd and other high-profile incidents of police violence are part of a larger crisis of trust between U.S. police forces and the communities they protect. Yale SOM’s Rodrigo Canales says that the solution is for police organizations to think of their mission not simply as reducing crime but as building trust with citizens.

    A police officer behind police tape talking to a citizen
  • Rethinking Police Organizations

    Prof. Rodrigo Canales has spent his career investigating how to transform the institutions that shape our lives. Effective police reform, he says, begins with shifting the focus from deterring crime to helping the whole community feel safe.

    Mexican police officers greeting a family
  • To Stop Violent Policing, Build Effective Police Organizations

    For the last three years, Yale SOM's Rodrigo Canales has led a project studying police forces in Mexico and testing approaches to building more effective and trusted departments.

    Police officers talking with citizens in Mexico
  • How Evidence Can Make International Development More Effective

    Research by Yale SOM’s Rodrigo Canales and Tony Sheldon points toward a new model that brings together academics, policy makers, and NGOs from the beginning of the process in order to better integrate evidence generation into policy and practice.

    An NGO representative meeting with women in a village in Burkina Faso
  • Three Questions: Prof. Rodrigo Canales on the Broken Promise of DACA

    Prof. Rodrigo Canales answers questions about what the DACA policy has meant to its recipients and the benefits of immigration to the U.S. economy.

    Statue of liberty
  • Balancing the Letter and the Spirit

    Should organizations favor the dependable efficiency of rules and standards or a less calculated but more flexible operation that bends to accommodate individual situations? How about both?

  • Does Design Thinking Make Better Businesses?

    If there’s one way to score a best-selling book, it’s to write about the next big thing in business. For many, design thinking has become that thing. But is it a fad or a reliable tool for building better products, services, and business processes?

  • Can profits and a social mission co-exist?

    Professor Rodrigo Canales discusses his research into the trade-offs inherent in social enterprises and argues that people interested in the field should pay closer attention to the challenges of achieving both social good and market success.

    Scale of justice showing one end with a money bag being weighed
  • What are the realities of microfinance?

    New research is debunking myths about microfinance and showing how organizations can effectively address problems associated with poverty. Yale faculty Dean Karlan, Tony Sheldon, and Rodrigo Canales discuss the problems and the promise in the field of microfinance and the lessons for other kinds of social enterprise.