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Robert J. Shiller

  • Do Homebuyers’ Expectations Align with Reality?

    People’s predictions of long-term home price growth were wildly optimistic in the early 2000s but have become more cautious since the Great Recession, according to a study co-authored by Robert Shiller of Yale SOM.

    People viewing a home for sale
  • The Digital Tool That Helps Robert Shiller Understand the Past

    We asked the Nobel Prize-winning Yale economist to reflect on an unexpected source of research information and inspiration. He writes that Google Ngram Viewer can provide important insights about how people saw economic events as they unfolded.

    A nineteenth-century poster advertising land sales in Iowa and Nebraska
  • How Will We Tell the Story of COVID-19?

    We asked Yale SOM’s Robert Shiller, whose latest book is 'Narrative Economics,' to tell us what collective stories are forming around the pandemic and what they might mean for our economic future.

    Parents waiting to receive meals at Byrd Middle School in Sun Valley, California, on April 17, 2020. Photo: Irfan Khan/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images.
  • Narrative Economics: How Stories Go Viral

    Nobel Prize-winning Yale economist Robert Shiller examines how the stories we tell about our lives and our society can spread from person to person, changing shared perceptions of events and shaping economic behavior.

    Robert Shiller superimposed over images of newspapers from during the global financial crisis
  • What We Talk about When We Talk about Stock Market Crashes

    Yale SOM’s Robert Shiller examines how the stock market rise of the 1920s, the crash of 1929, and the Great Depression that followed came to be seen as a tale of recklessness and divine punishment.

    Messengers from brokerage houses crowd around a newspaper after the stock market crash on October 24, 1929. Photo: by Eddie Jackson/NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images.
  • The Housing Boom Is Already Gigantic. How Long Can It Last?

    The best explanation for why prices go up, Yale's Robert Shiller writes, may be that we expect them to—until we don’t.

    A housing development in San Jose, California, one of the fastest-growing housing markets in the United States.
  • The Trump Boom Is Making It Harder to See the Next Recession

    We are overdue for a recession, but economists can't say with much certainty when it will arrive.

  • Do We Know When We’re Headed for a Crash?

    A new paper looking at how investors assess the risk of a stock market crash in the next six months argues that negative media coverage of markets can play a role in investment decisions.

    Honda Fit being crash tested into concrete inside a facility
  • What Is Bitcoin Really Worth? Don’t Even Ask.

    In a New York Times commentary, Yale’s Robert Shiller writes that attempts to measure the fundamental value of Bitcoin are intrinsically absurd.

  • Three Questions: Prof. Robert Shiller on Bitcoin

    We asked Professor Robert Shiller, who has written about the economic and psychological aspects of market speculation, if Bitcoin is a bubble.

    Children playing with bubbles