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Robert Galvin, MD

  • How will Obamacare change healthcare?

    A recent spate of news gives hints about whether the Affordable Care Act is likely to be successful in improving healthcare coverage and quality. Robert Galvin, CEO of Equity Healthcare, a firm that manages health insurance for more than 300,000 people, talks about how he sees the law changing the health insurance market—and the importance of continuing to innovate on all levels.

  • How will healthcare reform change the economy?

    The highly contentious healthcare reform act passed in 2010 is being implemented over the next several years. Businesses, ranging from mom-and-pop operations to global corporations, are struggling to understand how it will affect them. Two healthcare experts with direct experience of policymaking and business decision making discuss what’s ahead.

  • Should employers be responsible for health?

    More than 160 million Americans receive their healthcare coverage through an employer-sponsored program. In recent years, as the costs of healthcare have risen, so have premiums for workers and costs for companies. Is the system sustainable? Does it affect the competitiveness of American companies? Does it prompt innovations in healthcare delivery?