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Rich Kidd

  • The U.S. Army Adapts to the Pandemic

    Richard Kidd ’93, who serves as deputy assistant secretary of the army for strategic integration, explains how the U.S. Army has responded to the COVID-19 crisis and the lessons we can learn from the experience.

    Illustration of a military council
  • ¿Es la sostenibilidad esencial para la misión?

    Quizás, el argumento más convincente a favor de la sostenibilidad dentro de una organización es probar que la sostenibilidad es crítica para la misión. Richard Kidd, Subsecretario Adjunto del Ejército y egresado de la promoción ‘93, explica por qué el planeamiento estratégico alrededor de la sostenibilidad es esencial para la armada.
  • How Do Leaders Advance Sustainability in Complex Organizations?

    Sustainability leaders often have to interact with a wide range of stakeholders with varied interests and incentives. They need to figure out the best way to engage, communicate, prioritize, and implement—in other words, to persuade. According to a panel of sustainability executives, that can mean sidestepping the language and baggage of sustainability entirely.
  • Is Sustainability Essential to the Mission?

    Perhaps the strongest argument for environmental sustainability within an organization is that it is critical to the mission. Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army Richard Kidd ’93 explains why strategic thinking about sustainability is essential for the military.
    Is Sustainability Essential to the Mission?