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Ravi Dhar

  • How Does Inflation Change Consumer Behavior?

    Inflation has put consumers in an anxious, angry mood, even as the economic data shows confounding bright spots. We asked Yale SOM’s Ravi Dhar how the perception of rising prices affects buying behavior, and how companies can respond.

    Shoppers in a supermarket seen from overhead
  • Can Guilt Make You Happy?

    Two new studies from Yale SOM’s Ravi Dhar suggest that a touch of guilt can be a powerful tool for marketers.

    Casino floor showing several slot machines being played
  • Rethinking Marketing and Customers: Lessons from Behavioral Economics

    Four experts gave a wide-ranging overview of how insights from behavioral economics are being applied in governments, businesses, and other organizations.

  • Authenticity Is Contagious

    Are Godiva chocolates made in Brussels, Belgium, where the company has operated since 1926, more authentic than the same chocolates made in the company’s Reading, Pennsylvania, facility? According to new research from the Yale School of Management, consumers view products manufactured at a company’s original factory to be more authentic and valuable than identical products made elsewhere.

  • Why You Buy What You Buy

    Professor Ravi Dhar runs through how recent research in psychology helps explain how we all make decisions when shopping. When are you impulsive? When do you really think things through? When do you make the good long-term choice? And when do you go for the junk food?

    Classroom Insights: Why You Buy What You Buy
  • How does mobile change the marketing equation?

    The omnipresent smartphone has the potential to change the entire shopping experience.

  • The Pleasure of Guilt

    Guilt may be a key mechanism for enhancing pleasure, according to new research co-authored by Professor Ravi Dhar.

  • Does sustainability matter to consumers?

    From laundry detergent to automobiles, more and more businesses are presenting their products — and themselves — as green. How effective is green marketing? Will it have a meaningful impact on the planet?

  • How do you take a brand global?

    In 2005, Lenovo, China’s largest PC maker, acquired IBM’s worldwide PC business. The company inherited nearly $10 billion in annual sales, but faced the challenge of introducing itself to millions of consumers.