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Olav Sorenson

  • Male Scientists Praise Their Own Research More

    According to a study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Olav Sorenson, male scientists are more likely than their women colleagues to use words like “novel,” “excellent,” and “unique” to describe their own work in the titles and abstracts of research articles.

    A male scientist putting an "excellent" ribbon on himself
  • Aspiring to Be the Next Silicon Valley? Think Twice

    A study by Yale SOM researchers suggests that when venture capital funding in a metropolitan area increases, industries with customers outside the region suffer and income inequality widens.

    Silicon Valley in evening
  • For Top Venture Capital Firms, Success Breeds Success

    Most investing success is short lived, but venture capital is an exception, with top VCs beating the average year after year. A new study finds that consistent returns owe as much to a firm’s reputation and early luck as the smarts of its employees.

    Illustration of people climbing ladders starting at different levels in the sky
  • Insights Animation: Why Integrated Cities Produce More Startups

    Venture capital investments in more racially integrated cities are more effective, producing more innovation and economic growth. Yale SOM’s Olav Sorenson explains why that might be.

    sketch of cityscape
  • Why Do Women Inventors Win Fewer Patents? 

    Women inventors are less likely to have their patent applications approved than men. But that disparity dips if an examiner can’t guess an inventor’s gender from her name.

    A drawing of an improved telegraph machine from an 1869 patent application by Thomas Edison.
  • Do Startups Pay Less?

    Today, many young people are forgoing careers at established firms to join startups. Yale SOM’s Olav Sorenson investigated whether they are making the right financial choice.

  • Integrated Communities Benefit More from Venture Capital

    A new study suggests that mixing people of diverse backgrounds leads to more innovation and more economic growth.

    Aerial photos of, from left, Boston, Chicago, and San Francisco
  • Does Crowdfunding Make Capital Available to More Startups?

    A new paper shows that Kickstarter is funding startups outside traditional venture capital hubs, and can later increase venture capital investment in an area.

    Does Crowdfunding Make Capital Available to More Startups?
  • Restricting Employment Restrictions

    Research shows that limiting enforcement of non-compete agreements encourages entrepreneurship and economic growth.

  • Could Crowdfunding Reshape Entrepreneurship?

    Yale’s Olav Sorenson explains how crowdfunding can change entrepreneurship and what’s necessary for that to happen.

    Crowd on a street