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Michael Apkon

  • Why Isolating Older Americans Would Be a Huge Mistake in Fighting the Coronavirus

    In a Fortune commentary, Dr. Michael Apkon ’02, president and CEO of Tufts Medical Center, and Yale SOM’s Dr. Howard Forman and Jeffrey Sonnenfeld write that such an approach would be dangerous and ineffective.

    Empty streets in New York City on March 22. Photo: Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.
  • Can a Hospital Be a Global Citizen?

    Dr. Michael Apkon ’02, president and CEO of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, on his role and the hospital’s global approach.

  • Where Will Healthcare Innovation Come From?

    Healthcare is an industry as much as a science. Innovations that enable the system to deliver better quality at a lower cost are as likely to come from IT, business processes, and design as from new medicines. Moving medicine fully into the digital world could be the linchpin of a more integrated, coordinated approach, if the technology can mesh neatly with the needs of patients, providers, and payers; existing business models; and the complexity of medicine itself.

  • Eliminating medical errors

    Michael Apkon is using techniques from manufacturing to improve the efficiency and safety of medication delivery at Yale-New Haven Hospital, and he’s finding some solutions can be very simple.