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Laszlo Bock

  • Navigating a New Now: Time to Prioritize Company Culture

    Laszlo Bock ’99, founder and CEO of Humu, highlights the importance of company culture for keeping workers motivated and delivering results despite the challenges of the moment.

    An illustration of workers in cubicles, with some starting to climb our of their cubicles
  • Manage Your Team with Empathy

    Laszlo Bock ’99, CEO of Humu, says that right now, checking in on how your team members are doing is is the most important thing you can to keep your organization productive.

    Graphic showing empathy in business
  • Can the Occasional ‘Nudge’ Make You Better at Your Job? 

    At Google, Laszlo Bock ’99 applied data analytics to human resources questions that have long been answered with hunches. His company Humu is now extending that approach for other organizations by providing AI-generated prompts to their employees.

    A woman at a desk being nudged by a falling acorn
  • How Do You Hire When Everything Keeps Changing?

    How do companies with rapidly evolving business plans and a constantly shifting competitive landscape hire the right people for tomorrow, let alone next year? While education and training still matter, Laszlo Bock, head of people operations at Google, says that the company looks for people with the ability to learn, solve problems, and step in when leadership is needed.

    Illustration of several toolboxes with a focus on one with diverse tools
  • What's the Google approach to human capital?

    Google's success depends on sustaining both generative chaos and precision output. Laszlo Bock, who heads the internet giant's human resources function—which it calls "People Operations"—talks about how it encourages employees to participate in running the company and builds effective teams.