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Kevin Donovan

  • A Fast-Moving Labor Force Doesn’t Always Indicate a Healthy Job Market

    For a new study, Yale SOM’s Kevin Donovan and his co-authors gathered data from 49 countries, including developing economies. They found that rapid job turnover is linked to a lower GDP per capita.

    A blurry photo of people in business clothes
  • Building Bridges Can Boost Income for the Rural Poor

    Yale SOM’s Kevin Donovan and Wyatt Brooks of Arizona State University found that building footbridges in rural communities allows residents to access work in nearby towns, with benefits for themselves and their neighbors.

    People walking across a suspension footbridge in a rural area
  • Can Mobile Cash Transfers Help the Very Poor Survive COVID-19?

    In the developing world, many of those most at risk from the economic effects of COVID-19 are beyond the reach of aid programs. Yale SOM’s Kevin Donovan is testing the use of the transfers in a slum on the outskirts of Nairobi.

    A street in Dandora, Nigeria