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Jiwoong Shin

  • Is Uber Strangling the Restaurant Business?

    Restauranteurs are reporting increasing difficulty in attracting and retaining servers because apps like Uber and Lyft offer another option for entry-level workers. Yale SOM’s Jiwoong Shin and his co-authors took advantage of the sudden departure and return of ridesharing in Austin, Texas, to understand its effect on restaurants.

    Uber cars lined up at an airport
  • Now It’s Personal: How Knowing an Ad Is Targeted Changes Its Impact

    A consumer’s knowledge that an advertisement has been tailored to their interests changes how they respond, according to a new study co-authored by Yale SOM’s Jiwoong Shin. Firms evaluating marketing strategies should factor consumers’ inferences about targeted ads into their advertising decisions, Shin says.

    An illustration of a bald man looking at an ad for a hair growth product that includes a version of himself with hair
  • Got a Great Idea? Tell Your Rivals

    A new study from Yale’s Jiwoong Shin finds that companies with truly innovative products may actually benefit from giving away some of their secrets.

    Illustration of lightbulbs being released from a cage
  • Should Online Advertisers Pay for Clicks or Sales?

    A new paper provides insights into how both advertisers and publishers should think about which model to choose.