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Jason Dana

  • What We Get Wrong about the Effects of Population Growth

    New research co-authored by Professor Jason Dana finds that people over-focus on increased consumption without considering the positive effects of increased productivity.

    An illustration of bunches of grapes in which each grape is a human face
  • Perceptions of Shifts in Public Opinion Are Wildly Off Base

    People greatly overestimate how conservative people were in the past, leading to an exaggerated impression of liberal progress, according to a study by Yale SOM’s Jason Dana and Adam Mastroianni of Columbia Business School.

    Mike Sprague/AFP via Getty Images
  • To Improve the Accuracy of Prediction Markets, Just Ask

    In theory, prediction markets give the most accurate possible forecasts because they incorporate all available information. But a study by Yale SOM’s Jason Dana and his co-authors showed that in some cases, forecasts can be improved by simply asking people what they think will happen.

    A crowd of people on the street with percentages indicating their opinions.
  • Why Good Advice Is Often Bad

    According to research by Yale SOM’s Jason Dana and Daylian Cain, psychological factors make unbiased advice a more difficult task than it appears at first glance.