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Christine Bader

  • How Do You Make the Case for Corporate Responsibility?

    What obligations does a corporation have to society? The way that question is answered has evolved over time. So have the tools of those working to expand the role of corporate social responsibility and sustainability.

  • Webinar: Leadership and Purpose

    How do you turn personal values and sense of purpose into a leadership approach? Four alumni recently recognized as Donaldson Fellows by the Yale School of Management discussed their experiences with leadership expert Tom Kolditz. The conversation, on April 4, 2013, addressed the challenges that leaders face in maintaining a sense of purpose and adapting personal goals and values to different organizational contexts, roles, and cultural environments.

  • How does business value human rights?

    As businesses have expanded beyond boundaries, they've exceeded the grasp of many national laws and norms. What standards should exist for how businesses affect people's lives? Christine Bader, advisor to the UN special representative of the secretary-general for business and human rights, discusses points of progress and remaining challenges.