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Alexander K. Zentefis

  • Black Households Have Less Access to Banks

    Why do some demographic groups visit banks less than others? According to a new study by Yale SOM’s Alexander Zentefis and the Fed’s Jung Sakong, the primary barrier for Black households is a lack of nearby branches.

    A Citibank bank branch
  • Taken to an Extreme, Gerrymandering Could Lead to a One-Sided Congress

    A new study by Yale SOM’s Kai Hao Yang and Alexander Zentefis finds that partisan gerrymandering, pushed to the limit, could exclude the views of half the country from the legislative process.

    An illustration of a U.S. flag in the shape of the U.S. being carved up by red and blue hands with scalpels
  • Competition Can Make Corporate Cultures More Socially Progressive

    A study by Yale SOM’s Alexander Zentefis and Gary Gorton suggests a progressive competitor can push a company to change under the right circumstances.

    An office with desks on a series of levels connected by stairs