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Episode 129
Duration 29:15

Greg Licholai: Breaking through the Innovation Bottleneck

Howie and Harlan are joined by Greg Licholai, a Yale SOM lecturer and biotech entrepreneur, to discuss his career and his work at the contract research organization ICON, which performs clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies. Harlan reports on new research illustrating the dangerous consequences of asking patients to share the costs of life-saving drugs; Howie provides the good news and the bad news from the annual Medicare Trustees Report.


Cost-Sharing and Mortality

“The Health Costs Of Cost-Sharing”

“The Boys of January”

Greg Licholai

ICON plc

Greg Licholai in Forbes

Boston Children's Hospital: Sickle Cell Disease

The State of the Medicare Trust Fund

Medicare: Coverage Gap

2024 Medicare Trustees Report

KFF: FAQs on Medicare Financing and Trust Fund Solvency

KFF: What to Know about Medicare Spending and Financing

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