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Insights Animation: The Economic Benefits of Immigration

Do new arrivals in a country take jobs away from the native residents? The picture is much more complex than that, argues Yale SOM’s Mushfiq Mobarak. He summarizes six observations from economic research about how immigration creates economic benefits.

Some of the research discussed in this video:

Imperfect Substitution
The Economic and Fiscal Consequences of Immigration,” by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine

The Effect of Immigration on Productivity: Evidence from U.S. States,” by Giovanni Peri

Low-Skilled Immigration and the Labor Supply of Highly Skilled Women,” by Patricia Cortés and José Tessada

Doctoral Students and U.S. Immigration Policy,” by Keith E. Maskus, Mushfiq Mobarak, and Eric T. Stuen

Immigration and the Rise of American Ingenuity,” by Ufuk Akcigit, John Grigsby, and Tom Nicholas

Start-up Founders
Immigrants and Billion Dollar Startups,” by the National Foundation for American Policy

Global Talent Flows,” by Sari Pekkala Kerr, William Kerr, Çaglar Ozden, and Christopher Parsons

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