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Where Does Gender Bias Remain?

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Is the World Ready to Confront Climate Change?

In advance of the UN climate talks in Paris, the World Bank called for rapid and inclusive development that will mitigate the impact of climate change on the planet’s poorest people.
A poll by Pew found that a majority of people in 39 of the 40 countries surveyed support placing limits on greenhouse gases (Pakistan was the sole exception). Africans and Latin Americans are the most concerned, according to a breakdown by the New York Times. Russia has shown little engagement with the issue; President Vladimir Putin is a skeptic and the state-controlled media’s coverage is described as “climate silence,” according to the Washington Post.

A new study, published in Nature, found that left unchecked, climate change will shrink the global economy 23% by 2100. At the same time, inequality will be exacerbated because warming will do the most harm to poorer countries, according to the Washington Post.

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