What’s the Future of U.S.-Mexico Relations?

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Fixing Healthcare?

The much-discussed Affordable Care Act and American Health Care Act are mostly about health insurance, not healthcare. It takes a lot more than insurance to create a successful healthcare system.

The NYU Langone Medical Center aims to train doctors while delivering world-class care. But in 2007 it lost $120 million and seemed to be in decline. strategy+business details how a new CEO led a turnaround that put the organization in the black and raised its rankings and quality scores. 

Harvard Business Review looked at a range of strategies to pare away the estimated $1 trillion in wasteful healthcare spending. 

And we talked with Yale professor Zack Cooper about his groundbreaking work on healthcare pricing.

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Linus Dahlander
Associate Professor of Strategy and KPMG Chair in Innovation, ESMT European School of Management and Technology

Esther Duflo
Abdul Latif Jameel Professor of Poverty Alleviation and Development Economics, MIT; Director, Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab

Peter Kassen

Jack Griffin
CEO, Tribune Publishing

Phil Ventimiglia
Chief Innovation Officer, Georgia State University

Harish Hande
Managing Director and Co-founder, SELCO

Amy Brady, Chief Information Officer, Key Bank
Amy Brady
Chief Information Officer, Key Bank

Dacia Toll
Co-CEO and President, Achievement First