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Yale Women

To Reduce Risk, Build Trust, in Developing Countries and the U.S.

Mena Cammett ’12 of the World Bank says that the tools used to analyze risk in emerging markets are increasingly relevant to the United States. To mitigate vulnerabilities, build trust.

The Taiba N’Diaye Wind Power Station in Senegal, a project underwritten by the World Bank’s Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency. Photo: MIGA.
  • Helping the Hardest Hit

    Even when the economy was roaring along, far too many Americans lacked the savings and support to respond to an unexpected loss of income. The COVID-19 crisis has thrown that fragility into stark relief.

    A graphic of an umbrella made out of money sheltering houses with faces
  • Suzanne Lagarde ’14 on Giving Back

    We talked with Dr. Suzanne Lagarde ’14, CEO of Fair Haven Community Health Care, about delivering healthcare to those who need it most.

    Dr. Suzanne Lagarde at Fair Haven Community Healthcare
  • Jane Mendillo ’84 on Partnership

    Jane Mendillo ’84, a member of the board of directors of General Motors and the former CEO of the Harvard Management Company, on how her partnership with her husband, Ralph Earle ’84, has formed the foundation for her life and career.

    An illustration of couple showing each of their careers
  • Should Government Run on Rules or Principles?

    Janhabi Nandy ’09, an official at the Treasury Board of Canada, makes the case that a nuanced, principle-based approach can make government more effective.

    Ottawa's Parliament Centre Block. Photo: Michael Runkel/Alamy Stock Photo.
  • Can Civics Education Repair a Failing Democracy?

    Louise Dubé ’88 of the nonprofit iCivics argues that engagement in civic life requires skills that many schools no longer teach.

    Students recite the Preamble to the Constitution during a naturalization ceremony at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., in 2017. Photo: Jeff Reed/National Archives/Flickr
  • What Does it Take to Bring Offshore Wind to Massachusetts? 

    Offshore wind could bring cheap power to Massachusetts and help turn the state into a green tech hub. But before the turbines start turning, a variety of stakeholders, including the state’s iconic fishing industry, need to be brought on board.

    A wind farm off Rhode Island's Block Island. Photo: Deepwater Wind.
  • Ranji Nagaswami ’86 on Telling Hard Truths

    As chief investment adviser for New York City, Ranji Nagaswami ’86 delivered the unvarnished truth when she discovered unwelcome news about the city’s pension funds.

    New York City Hall at night
  • Can Mobile Money Boost Financial Inclusion in Southern Africa?

    Linda Du ’19, an MBA student at Yale SOM, traveled to Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique to talk with providers, customers, and others about the technology’s potential.

    A mobile vendor in southern Africa
  • Danguole Altman ’85 on Career and Family 

    Danguole Altman ’85, founder of Vapogenix, on the choices she made as she led multiple companies and raised a family.

    Danguole Altman with her family
  • Nancy Pfund ’82 on Tradeoffs in Impact Investing

    Impact investor Nancy Pfund ’82 discusses the tradeoffs that inevitably occur when you try to put values into practice.