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  • Who Will Win the Race for Mobile Ad Dollars?

    Will the rising tide of mobile ad spending lift all media-company boats? Or will only the shrewd and the quick be able to capitalize on the trend toward more media consumption on mobile? Facebook’s Carolyn Everson describes how the company has made itself mobile-first.
    Who Will Win the Race for Mobile Ad Dollars?
  • Can the B Corp Change Business?

    Social enterprises seek to make profit while having a positive impact on communities. As a nascent and hybrid form of organization, social enterprises are vaguely defined. Might a certification process provide benefits for such organizations? Andrew Kassoy of the B Lab talks about the potential of the benefit corporation, or B Corp, to change the way business is done.
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  • How Do You Market a TV Phenomenon?

    Starting in the late 1990s, a series of television shows with a novelistic sweep, many of them produced by cable channels, have redefined the medium; at the same time, technology has given audience members new ways to engage with each other and their favorite shows. As AMC’s executive vice president of marketing, Linda Schupack '92 has had the job of selling two of the biggest hits of TV’s second golden age: Mad Men and Breaking Bad. She talked to Yale Insights about creating great marketing for great stories.

  • Is the IPO Back in Business?

    Sky-high valuations of tech companies and the return of the IPO has an old debate raging again. Is a bubble brewing? Or is this time really different? Sasson Darwish ’94, managing partner at DS Advisory Group, talks with Yale Insights about IPOs, innovation, and the business models for today’s tech companies.
  • Nineteen Ways to Boost Innovation in Your Company

    Bureaucracy can stifle creativity. But organizations need timelines, rules, and hierarchies to direct and nurture productive innovation. Here are nineteen ideas for leveraging the creative capabilities in your workforce, as tried and tested by leaders in the field.
  • Can impact investing have an impact?

    Impact investing, a growing niche in finance, seeks to marry strong financial returns with positive social impacts. That can mean investing in companies whose products improve the environment, or it can mean helping a startup find ways to positively contribute to the neighborhood where it’s based. Nancy Pfund ’82, founder and managing partner of DBL Investors, talks about the growth of the sector.
  • How is the definition of a bank changing?

    Increasingly, a bank is a virtual entity rather than the imposing edifice downtown. Amy Brady, the chief information officer of Cleveland-based Key Bank, talks about the impact of technology on banking.
  • What does a networked future look like?

    The internet has already prompted large shifts in how many of us live our lives. What will happen when all of us are connected to the internet all the time? Eric Schmidt, executive chairman at Google, talks about the company's vision of the future.