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Better Sanctions Can Weaken Russia

Yale SOM’s Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, who has helped lead the movement to isolate Russia, and co-author Steven Tian write that the current sanctions regime is spottily enforced and ignores key commodities exports. They suggest three steps policymakers should take to give economic sanctions real bite.

An aerial view of a stack of timber
  • Our Top Stories from an Extraordinary Year

    This year, many of our most-read articles examined aspects of two monumental events shaping society: the COVID-19 pandemic and the resurgent Black Lives Matter movement.

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  • What’s the Danger from TikTok?

    In September, under pressure from the Trump administration to sell its U.S. operations, the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok tentatively agreed to partner with Oracle. We asked Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert on strategy and technology, about the security threat from Chinese technology companies and how the conflict might play out.

    A shadow of a person walking in front of a TikTok sign
  • The Borderlessness of Tech-Driven Media

    Dayo Olopade ’15, a lead for film and television partnerships at Google, discusses the global disruption of production, distribution, and consumption of media around the world.

    An illustration of a the planet earth wearing a mask in a TV studio
  • Buying and Selling Steel as the Global Supply Chain Frays

    Bill Hutton ’83 describes how a U.S. manufacturer is adapting to pandemic lockdowns and seesawing supply and demand across a global supply chain.

    An illustration of cans and other steel products circling the globe
  • Faculty Viewpoints: A Global View

    In an online conversation, Yale SOM faculty members discussed diverging responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for global cooperation.

    Cobblers wearing face masks at Kenyatta Market in Nairobi, Kenya, in April 2020. Photo: Patrick Meinhardt/Bloomberg via Getty Images.
  • What’s Next in the Fight against COVID-19?

    Experts from schools in the Global Network for Advanced Management discussed what we have learned over the first weeks of the pandemic and what it tells us about what comes next.

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  • Investing in Vietnam’s Future

    Venture capitalist Eddie Thai ’12 says that the pandemic is doing economic damage to Vietnam’s globalization-driven tech sector, even as some companies in his portfolio see their valuations grow.

    An illustration showing volatile financial results through boats on the ocean
  • What Happens When a Billion Identities Are Digitized?

    The success of India’s Aadhaar, a biometrically secured national identification system, has ignited a debate over whether any entity, public or private, should have the ability to pool our full digital profiles.

    A woman having her eyes scanned at an Aadhaar registration office in Guwahati, India, in 2018. Photo: David Talukdar/NurPhoto via Getty Images.
  • A Global Crisis Requires Global Collaboration

    On March 24, experts in finance, economics, and health from Global Network schools in seven countries gathered for an online conversation about the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, the economic fallout, and the path to recovery.

    A microscope image of the virus that causes COVID-19
  • Study Suggests That Local Chinese Officials Manipulate GDP

    A study by Yale SOM’s Frank Zhang suggests that local Chinese governments often push through projects without long-term economic value, or fabricate numbers outright, in order to meet GDP targets.

    A construction worker in China