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Competitive Strategy

The Balloons Signal a New Age of Mass Surveillance

Prof. Paul Bracken, an expert in global competition and strategy, says these encounters reveal an urgent need for citizens and governments to catch up on how much we’re already being spied on.

A high-altitude Chinese balloon over Billings, Montana, on February 1.
  • Where Is the Auto Industry Headed?

    How will self-driving cars and other new technology reshape the industry? Prof. Jeffrey Sonnenfeld talks with former Ford CEO Mark Fields.

    highway at night
  • What’s the Future of Work?

    Smart machines, flexible teams, business as a platform: Deloitte principal Jeff Schwartz ’87 offers a sneak peek at the future of work.

  • Three Questions: Prof. Paul Bracken on Trump and North Korea

    Yale SOM's Paul Bracken, an expert on business and defense strategy, answers questions about President Donald Trump’s exchange of threats with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.

  • What Makes a Museum Successful?

    Daniel Weiss ’85, president of the Met, discusses the challenges of changing with the times while preserving the past.

    The Met
  • How Do You Enforce Antitrust Law in a Global Marketplace?

    Professor Fiona Scott Morton, the former chief economist in the Antitrust Division of the U.S. Department of Justice, on the state of global competition law.

    How Do You Enforce Antitrust Law in a Global Marketplace?
  • How Do You Plan for Uncertainty?

    Kristel Van der Elst ’02 explains how strategic foresight can prepare organizations to be robust whatever the future holds.

  • Can Operations Research Help Find Terrorists?

    Yale SOM’s Edward H. Kaplan uses queuing algorithms to estimate how many terror cells exist and determine how to efficiently combat them.

    Pixelated Art Work
  • How Should Companies Evolve?

    Laurence Capron, professor of strategy at INSEAD, on how companies can break out of old habits and find a path to new growth.

  • Putting the Iran Nuclear Deal in Context

    Professor Paul Bracken, a leading security strategist and author of The Second Nuclear Age, discusses the Iran nuclear deal.

  • What Does Global Mean for MasterCard?

    To succeed as a global company, CEO Ajay Banga says, MasterCard strives for uniformity in some respects and diversity in others.