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Black Lives Matter

Teachers See Misbehavior from Black Students as More Blameworthy

In order to isolate the role of race in teacher-student interactions, Prof. Jayanti Owens created videos using actors to depict misbehavior. She found that teachers are more likely to describe an incident with “blaming” language if the actor playing the misbehaving students is Black.

Students of various races in a classroom
  • How White Managers Can Respond to Anti-Black Violence

    Yale SOM’s Michael Kraus offers a series of concrete steps that leaders can take to combat racism in their own organizations—and contribute to the societal fight against injustice.

    A demonstrator speaking to police officers during a protest on May 31, 2020, in Kansas City, Missouri. Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images.
  • White Liberals Present Themselves as Less Competent in Interactions with African-Americans

    A new study suggests that white Americans who hold liberal socio-political views use language that makes them appear less competent in an effort to get along with racial minorities.

    Artwork of women of various races speaking
  • Can we fix discrimination in markets?

    Studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that 40 years after the civil rights era, African Americans still find themselves under scrutiny in retail stores and women pay higher prices at car dealerships. How can we ensure fair treatment in markets?