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Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith: The Systemic Roots of Inequities in Health (Health & Veritas Ep. 55)

On the Health & Veritas podcast, Yale physician-professors Howard Forman and Harlan Krumholz talk about the latest news and ideas in healthcare and seek out the truth amid the noise. In this episode, Harlan reports on three negative—but striking—trials presented at the American Heart Association’s annual meeting; Howie reflects on the victories for health in Tuesday’s election. And they’re joined by Dr. Marcella Nunez-Smith, a Yale internist and nationally known expert on healthcare equity, to discuss her service in the Biden administration and the need for a broad approach to tackling racism in healthcare and systemic inequities in health.

Marcella Nunez-Smith

Marcella Nunez-Smith

Yale School of Medicine

Listen now:


“Another Fibrate Fails to Show Cardiovascular Benefit”

“DCP: HCTZ vs. Chlorthalidone in Improving CV Outcomes in Elderly Veterans With HTN”

“TRANSFORM-HF: Loop Diuretics Show No Difference in Mortality and Hospitalizations for Heart Failure”

“Nunez-Smith to lead Biden health equity task force”

Pozen-Commonwealth Fund Fellowship in Health Equity Leadership at Yale University

“Voters will have a say on abortion in 5 states with high-stakes ballot measures”

“South Dakota votes to expand Medicaid”

Employer-Reported Workplace Injuries and Illnesses—2021

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