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  • What Will Healthcare Look Like after the Affordable Care Act?

    At the moment, the most visible parts of the Affordable Care Act are the newly launched—and glitchy—insurance exchanges, intended to extend coverage to millions of individuals. But healthcare reform also includes measures designed to slow the growth of healthcare spending and improve outcomes. In the coming years, the ACA will “transform how we deliver healthcare to individuals,” says Ezekiel Emanuel, a doctor, bioethicist, and advisor to the Obama administration.
  • How Will We Know if Healthcare Reform Is Working?

    The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, remains a focus of heated political rhetoric—rhetoric that can obscure what’s actually happening in the healthcare system. A panel of Yale experts discussed what metrics we can look at to know if the law is increasing coverage and reducing costs as intended—and whether there are unintended effects on the larger economy.
  • How do you lead a company through a nuclear accident?

    The 2011 tsunami and the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan shattered the nuclear industry’s "safety myth" and prompted the shutdown of all nuclear power plants in the country. Naomi Hirose '83 talks about leading the plant’s operating company through an unprecedented cleanup and rebuilding effort.
  • Why do we like what we like?

    At the moment we consume, say, a chocolate bar, our brains seamlessly synthesize sensory phenomena, ideas, memories, and expectations—which means that we often don't fully understand why we like the things we like. Psychologist Paul Bloom describes how storytelling and marketing can add layers of meaning to our pleasures.
  • How does private equity work in India?

    Private equity experts and investors in India describe a unique developing market where even with bountiful capital and few opportunities for anything but minority shares the sector is profitable and a key to harnessing the country's tremendous entrepreneurial energy.
  • Who will win the gold for marketing?

    Companies are competing almost as hard as the athletes during the 2012 London Olympic Games. What does it take to be the best in branding?
  • Is there profit in outer space?

    Getting a rocket into space is complicated business. In addition to expertise in physics, materials science, and electronics, you need the business savvy to create a sustainable company in an industry replete with flameouts.