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  • Design, Test, Spread

    Nicolas Encina ’10 and his colleagues at Ariadne Labs have been demonstrating the potential of a collaborative, multidisciplinary process for designing and scaling simple improvements to healthcare—and also its limits.

    A scrum board covered with sticky notes at Ariadne Labs.
  • How You Can Invest in Racial Justice

    Yale SOM’s Teresa Chahine and a panel of experts discussed how businesses, financial firms, and regular investors can make choices that empower local businesses and increase opportunity.

    students in a phlebotomy class
  • Leading through COVID: An Alumni Conversation

    We recently convened a group of Yale SOM alumni, leaders of organizations in a variety of industries, for a conversation about the evolving challenges they have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    A screenshot of a Zoom discussion
  • Lessons on Leading through a Pandemic

    We’ve been talking with Yale SOM alumni about their professional and personal experiences during COVID-19. Here are a few key ideas that have emerged from these conversations.

    Illustrations of various aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Faculty Viewpoints: Will COVID-19 Set Us on a More Sustainable Path?

    In the short term, COVID-19 has brought about what activists and governments haven’t been able to achieve: a sharp drop in carbon emissions. What does the pandemic mean for the longer-term trajectory of efforts to remake our economy in a sustainable way?
    An empty Interstate 110 at rush hour in Los Angeles on April 10, 2020. Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images.