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The power of video recording to improve healthcare

"The Power of Video Recording: Taking Quality to the Next Level" by Martin A. Makary in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

"The article caught my attention because it raises once again the questions of: How far can and are health systems and professionals willing to go with use of technological platforms? Will they embrace technologies (video and internet) that enable virtual care delivery, the virtual monitoring of care delivery at the bedside in real time, etc., knowing that the learning and quality-enhancing benefits come with greater oversight and accountability? If this shift takes place, how long will it take? The article also reminded me that a core skill for organizational leaders in our ever-changing world is to create work environments that support reliable execution of what is known and (continuous) learning for improvement."

The difficulties of designing a carbon market

Recent troubles in the EU's carbon trading market point to the difficulty of designing markets, with the necessary supporting institutions, that can advance social interests as well as purely fiscal ones. Our 2007 interview with Martin Shubik is still a great introduction to how to think about market design.

Cross-border patent laws

Differences in intellectual property laws—and how governments enforce those laws—create complex business challenges across markets. When the product is a life-saving drug, the quandary becomes more difficult. Thomas Bollyky, writing for the Atlantic, analyzes a recent court ruling in India that puts the issues in stark relief.