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In 2014’s financial news, we often hear echoes of the 2008 crisis. In the last week, we learned that JPMorgan Chase agreed to a $2 billion settlement with the US Department of Justice related to its failure to alert regulators to suspicions about Bernie Madoff. Not only did Madoff’s exposure and collapse occur in the midst of the 2008 crisis, but the bank’s actions and the subsequent disciplinary response raise the question of how effectively regulators can oversee large, global financial institutions. At the same time, parts of the commercial paper market are finally returning to pre-crisis levels, which could be seen as a sign of renewal or a reminder of how slow economic recovery has been.

In an upcoming panel discussion at the Yale School of Management, academic experts and investors will talk about the critical role the finance sector plays in society. You can watch the discussion live on Saturday or read a preliminary discussion with the participants

4:26 PM - 8 Jan 14