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The ever-present interplay between energy, economy, and politics has recently gotten particularly tangled in several places around the world.

The Fukushima disaster has rippled far beyond Japan, with nuclear power falling off significantly around the world. Clean Technica reproduces some telling charts from the World Nuclear Industry status report that show renewables gaining as nuclear power fades in the European Union.  

Gas-powered electricity generation is growing even faster than renewables in the EU, a trend that factors into the faceoff with Russia over Ukraine. Econmonitor wonders if Russia, which gets 70% of its export revenue from oil and gas, might be overplaying its hand by repeatedly using gas shutoffs or price increases as leverage.

The odds on Russia's gamble may be altered further by the liquefied natural gas producers, in the U.S. and elsewhere, that are working to be the next supplier for Europe, according to the New York Times.

2:58 PM - 22 Apr 14